How do we do it


Provide specialized institutional care for orphaned or abandoned children physical, psychological, academic skills of the highest development under the care of an experienced staff and skills quality and supported by a specialized technical team to improve their quality of life and ensure that these children and adolescents are constituted in a professional and spiritual reference for their own families and society.

by international quality standards in the care of their emotional-family, educational relations, physical and psychological. With adequate infrastructure, and establishing strategies and alliances with institutions related to our goals.


Foster care is a dynamic process, which requires us to continuously review the way that we plan, implement, and improve our policies. This is essential to ensure that we comprehensively meet our objectives in helping the children and adolescents integrate into Ecuadorian society. Our key policies are as follows,

  • Compliance with laws and regulations on foster care and protection of children to ensure we achieve international quality standards
  • Committment to improve the system of institutional care as a whole
  • Ensuring our staff are fully trained and up to date in the fundamental areas of childcare that include admission, foster care, ethics, counseling, and education in connection with the administration of the foundation
  • Research in psychological and family relations affecting children of the institution and a strong knowledge of family and social reintegration problems
  • Provide a comprehensive education and a strong infrastructure, methodology and curriculum that sets an example to other care centers


  • Develop a foster care program for children and adolescents in an effective family atmosphere that provides spiritual freedom, quality care and warmth
  • Undertake mental health prevention in girls, children, adolescents and their families to facilitate their reintegration
  • Increase internal growth and expansion of the institution 
  • Promote connections between national and international institutions to share knowledge, advice and sponsorship opportunites
  • Conduct research and development projects in education and relationships that allow effective contribution to the development of other centers nationwide
  • Promote strategic partnerships with other institutions whose purposes are consistent with our objectives within a spiritual, ethical and professional framework