Historical Review

The beginning, 1966

On 16 July 1966, Mr. Henry and Dorothy Davis still a very young couple, came to our country as missionaries. During his early years in Ecuador they were devoted to the noble task of preaching the gospel and the execution of small programs of social and community development, especially in the provinces of Chimborazo and Pichincha.

One day in the month of August 1967, while conducting visits to prison "Garcia Moreno" of the city of Quito, Henry and Dorothy felt a profound sadness for the children of prisoners, who along with their parents were paying convictions, without being guilty of anything. They moved by the stark reality, wanted to do more than sing and preach in prisons. The next day, they returned and asked the prison director to hand over these children, with God's help, offer them a better future, initiating a work of faith.

The prison "Garcia Moreno" of Quito gave them thirty-five children. Counting only with their salaries of missionaries began the difficult task of raising, educating and caring as true parents of these children, and others that have been added over more than fifty years, in what today is called the Henry Davis Foundation, located in Quito.

On May 20, 1968, the First Lady of the country that intone, Mrs. Corina del Parral, wife of President Velasco Ibarra, had come to know of the noble missionary work of the homeless children; she decided then deliver public deed and publication in the Official Gazette No. 381 of May 20, 1968, a land belonging to the Ministry of Social Welfare, there to build your missionary orphanage. Today, Henry Davis Foundation has a land area of ​​20 hectares, with physical infrastructure that houses more than 180 children, and a complete educational unit. It gives orphans a home, spiritual formation, education, food, clothing and medical and psychological assistance. Among the graduates of the foundation, which are distributed throughout the country, are good parents, good citizens, excellent professionals and leaders.

The missionary Henry Davis was born on January 26, 1933 and went to the presence of God on March 30, 2001; while his wife Dorothy Davis, when nearly 90 years is removed from ministry because of his age and health.