Hello and welcome to the Henry Davis Foundation website. Since 1966, the foundation has been providing shelter, care and education to children in need living in Ecuador. On this website you can find information about our aims, facilities, the children´s studies and the wonderful foster moms who care for our children. You are welcome to contact us here or follow us on social media for updates on all of our activities. As a nonprofit organization, your donations are vital to the livelihood of our organization. Gracias!

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Responsible Foster Care

To ensure their safety, children and adolescents who enter the foundation are safeguarded by judicial protection. Our staff are carefully selected to ensure that each child receives the best education and social development. We are committed to upholding the welfare of each child both psychologically and physically.

For 50 years the Henry Davis Foundation has welcomed, raised and educated more than 1,000 children, instilling hope and love, protecting their right to be happy. The experience accumulated by the Foundation is huge, so today is considered as a model institution about the care, protection and education of orphaned, abandoned and children have been in serious vulnerability.

The orphanage was started by Henry and Dorothy Davis on 1966, missionaries who came to Ecuador from the United States of America. First Lady of the country that intone, Mrs. Corina del Parral, wife of President Velasco Ibarra, came to know the work being done by Henry and Dorothy in favor of children; so, she decided donate by public deed, a land located in Quito, parish of Conocoto, so that there the Davis build the orphanage, to be administered as a non-profit foundation. This is why the logo of the Henry Davis Foundation has the flags of Ecuador and USA, to symbolize brotherhood and cooperation between the two countries.
For five decades the Henry Davis Foundation has welcomed, raised and educated more than 1,000 children, instilling hope and love, to protect their right to happiness. So far these results have been possible due to the support of individuals and organizations, who trust us and believe in the value of our mission. Thank you..!


Children are educated at the school of Henry Davis Foundation. This school is located a few steps from the houses where the children live. We are currently planning to equip a special classroom to teach computer, internet and languages. The equipment will include an electronic whiteboard, laptop for each child and appropriate furniture. Thus children fulfill their dreams of learning to use technology, and so they get to know the world of possibilities and opportunities that can leverage for their lives...

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